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The 10 busiest days on the Estate Agents Calendar

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Traditionally Wednesday between 8-9pm (8.48pm if we are being precise) is when people go house hunting on Rightmove. With over one billion minutes every month being spent searching for the right property. But how many of these minutes is your business getting?

The secret is all to do with timing of your digital marketing and making sure you send the right message at the right time.

But with Wednesday only holding 4 out of the 10 spots of 2019, what are the other key dates?

In true Top of the Pops style here are the top 10 dates…

1. Sunday 13th January

2. Monday 21st January

3. Sunday 27th January

4. Wednesday 2nd January

5. Monday 18th February

6. Saturday 12th January

7. Sunday 3rd February

8. Sunday 24th April

9. Wednesday 14th August

10. Wednesday 6th February

But being able to predict the key dates for 2020 will help you keep ahead of your competition and generate a larger share of the traffic to your website by strategically marketing and showcasing your business to more potential applicants and vendors. Prediction for 2020 are as follows...

1. Sunday 26th January

2. Monday 20th January

3. Sunday 12th January

4. Wednesday 2nd January

5. Monday 17th February

6. Saturday 11th January

7. Sunday 2nd February

8. Wednesday 22nd April

9. Wednesday 12th August

10. Wednesday 5th February

Marketing is an activity that many estate agents find difficult, it can be of benefit to receive a helping hand. If you need help with marketing then please get in touch by clicking here or download our Managed Marketing Service Factsheet.

Thanks for reading we hope you found it useful and good luck in 2020!

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