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Ten knock out tips for the Boxing Day surge

Property portals are getting ready for a Boxing Day boost, as they expect a 60% month-on-month increase in visitors and an 80% boost in applicant and valuation leads throughout the festive period and into January.

Whether it’s the basics like having your stock and photography up to date and having enough staff to deal with enquiries, or something a little more complex like taking advantage of different online marketing tools, there are a number of quick and easy wins you can take. Either way, the opportunity is great and the rewards are there for the taking.

So with all this in mind we've put together ‘Ten Tips of Christmas’, which provide some helpful ideas to get the year off to a flying start.

1. Encourage vendors to think about price. Any price change of 3% or more will be automatically pushed out on a property email portals to relevant registered users, boosting exposure and click-through rates.

2. Keep your stock looking ship-shape and interesting by refreshing images in the lead up to the peak period. Christmas is all about food and hospitality so keep kitchens and reception rooms front of mind.

3. Give applicants who have been unable to find a property in recent months a call to let them know about any star properties you have coming onto your books. The personal touch will go a long way.

4. Why not pick a nearby charity to support? It’s great for staff morale, increases your standing amongst customers and gives you the opportunity to get some coverage in the local paper.

5. Ensure features like an annex, utility room or cellar are listed as keywords. Houses are often bursting at the seams at Christmas and it helps home hunters with specific requirements to find your property.

6. Raise brand awareness and direct traffic straight to your website with Facebook & Google Remarketing Ads. This is acheived by targeted ads appearing on web pages as people search for friends or those Boxing Day sales deals.

7. Don’t forget about older properties that are starting to languish. Review and refresh their listings or utilising a managed service like a Hot Properties of the Month For Sale to give them maximum exposure.

8. Don't let lead times and service levels drop. It's more important than ever to respond to a Valuation Lead and give great service to win that customer.

9. House hunting is a journey and it can be stressful. By keeping in touch with customers via a customer journey email campaign you can provide the extra level of reassurance and a personal touch they need.

10. Ensure you are ready for Valuation Leads with with automated messages, such as a Thank You for registering as part of your automated Valuation campaign. Also last Christmas, agents who utilised Integrated Interest's marketing automation resulted in up to five times more Valuation Leads landing in there inbox every month - giving you an integrated digital marketing platform that pays for itself, month on month.

Source: Zoopla

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