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Gain more followers with social media invite emails

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat — the list of social media networking sites continues to grow. And once you’ve created your account on the latest social network, how do you get people to find it? Email marketing, of course! Sending an email invitation asking readers to follow your business on a social network may not seem intuitive, but it can be an effective and easy way to grow your following. Your email list is full of people interested in your business, and getting them to interact with you on social media can help build your relationship with them and keep your business top of mind.

Crafting the perfect invite

Before we jump into some excellent social media email invite examples, here are a few tips for creating an effective invite. Make sure the email is:

  • Informative: Let your readers know what they’re going to get or find if they do start following your business on social.

  • Easy to read: Include clickable social icons and a straightforward call to action, such as “follow us on social media,” to make it as easy as possible for your readers to connect with you. Remember to add links to all of the accounts that you use.

  • Short: Just like any invitation, you should share important information, make the copy fun and personable, and stick to the topic at hand — your social accounts. You want to keep readers focused.

  • Attention-grabbing: Include bold colors, clever copy or striking images you’ve shared on your social accounts to get your readers to take notice.

How to increase followers with social media invite emails

Although you’ll want to include the elements listed above in your email, there is still a lot of room to customize your invite. For inspiration, take a look at how these companies reached out to their subscribers in order to build their social following.

EyeBuyDirect — EyeBuyDirect opens their email with “Come socialize with us” — a headline that clearly and cleverly states what the message is about. They also incentivize “the follow.” People who use their hashtags on social have a chance to win a free pair of glasses. What’s more, the email design works with the copy to encourage readers to check out their social accounts. All of their social icons are front and center. It also looks like the business is sharing user-submitted photos in the message, to showcase the types of images new followers can expect to see.

The Class of 23 — This simple email from The Class of 23 is sent to new email subscribers, and it functions as both a welcome email and a social media invite. They have a link to their Instagram profile in the body of the email, as well as a link in the footer of the message. The email also briefly touches on the benefits of following them (followers receive daily updates on merchandise.)

Forever 21 — You don’t have to create a formal invite to get your subscribers to engage with you on social. Rather than simply asking readers to follow them, Forever 21 sent out a promotional email that integrates their social media accounts into the offer. In the message, readers are asked to post a selfie of themselves in a Forever 21 outfit, and tag the company. When they show the post at the register, they receive 21 percent off their purchase. Not only does this email encourage readers to visit the company’s social profiles, but it also extends their reach and builds brand awareness. When customers share their Forever 21 selfies on their personal accounts, there’s a good chance that their followers will visit Forever 21’s account, and some of those people might even follow them.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a social media invite is to answer the following questions: “How can I provide value to my readers and followers?” and “What’s in it for them?” Then, keep followers coming back for more with engaging posts and conversations.

Source: Vertical Response

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