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5 Effective Ways to use Email Marketing for Estate Agents

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

GUEST BLOG “For estate agents, it’s important to have everything the customer needs in the quickest time possible. If they are not, customers are always happy to shop around for those who do. And with the ever growing competition to sell their homes, agents are compelled to find out unique ways to make them more visible. The best and most effective way of doing this - email marketing.”

When you say competition, let me tell you, it’s everywhere. The increasing population worldwide is brewing up more and more customers and service providers worldwide. However, if you are an estate agent, it’s important for you to beat the competition.

Using email marketing as an estate agent Email marketing isn’t a new concept anymore, it’s been used since the inception of internet marketing and trust me; it’s working wonderfully from then to till now.

In the present era of internet marketing or electronic commerce, everything, from pin to plane is being sold online, property purchase, short term lettings, long term lettings are no more exceptions.

However, despite of having everything in their bag, some estate agent are failing to bring on more clients. The reason why? They are not utilising email marketing to improve their business and generate instructions!

Using it as an affordable medium of marketing With the cost of advertisement for your business in the prominent channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio and direct marketing can be costly. Email marketing remains to be the easiest and cheapest way to advertise your business to thousands of people.

It provides estate agents with the ability to entice potential vendors by showing success with similar properties, as well as hooking the attention of a prospects who are looking to buy or rent a property.

Using email marketing to target desirable audience With email marketing, you are not restricted to any certain audience or a list of customers, as you can target the clients of your own choice. You can easily customise your emails specific to the customers of specific levels and categories. This is simply done by integrating your email sender with your management platform allowing you then to segment the data fields. This then helps you identify exactly what your customers are looking for and what you should offer them.

Using email marketing for high conversion Though no marketing medium promises you with guaranteed results, email marketing comes up with a strong probability. The reason being is because your email marketing campaign can be modified to specific images of properties, down to the links that will open in a new window and offer the customers with more attractive picture of the property.

In such messages, the click through rate will be high as the addressee clicks on multiple images in search of the one they would like to arrange a viewing for.

Using Email marketing for repeat business With email marketing, once you managed to sell your services to a particular customers, keep their details safe as after a certain time period you can pitch to them again with an automated email campaign with regards to the an online valuation. With this technique, you have more chances of generating recurring business than pitching to a fresh data. Written By Amaya Bell of

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