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10 things to do when switching to your new Email Service Provider

You've been trapped in with your previous Email Service Provider (ESP) and you've finally managed to escape! You’ve now chosen your perfect new ESP, you’ve done all your background research and checks, they have the features you desire, the team are awesome and the company is heading in the right direction.  Now it’s time to consider what you need to do in order to migrate to your new ESP. 

To make it easy for you we’ve listed 10 things to do when switching to your new Email Service Provider.

1. Transfer your email unsubscribe list

Before you make the switch, you need to gather several important lists of data from your existing ESP. First things first, make sure you have a list of unsubscribes. This helps you avoid making the mistake of sending to people who have already opted out. 2. Get a list of bounces Next up, get a list of all of your hard and soft bounces. Continuing to send to them via your new ESP may have a negative impact on deliverability. 3. Transfer Spam addresses It is important to transfer the list of email addresses you’ve identified as spam traps when switching ESP. Your email marketing may be spam-free but you can still be penalised if you start sending to spam traps from your new ESP. 4. Clean your list Switching ESP is the perfect time to clean your list. Who hasn’t opened an email this year? Now is the time to trim your list down to size. A smaller, more engaged list is good for deliverability. 5. Use engagement history Your highly engaged email subscribers are your secret weapon when switching ESP. Sending to this list first from your new IP address helps build your reputation as a sender. So, be sure to harvest your engagement history before switching. 6. Bring across your sending domain If your new ESP allows it, bring across your sending domain when switching. This is beneficial as you have built up your reputation on this domain. What’s more, you’ll already be added to your subscribers’ safe sender list which is a win for deliverability! 7. IP Certification If you use an IP certification tool to improve deliverability, be sure to let them know you’re switching ESP. A quick task, but one that’s easily forgotten. 8. Gradually increase send volumes Suddenly sending a large volume of emails from a new IP can lead to mail being rejected. This is because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may view the activity as suspicious. So, if you’re switching to a new dedicated IP, you’ll need to warm it up. IP warming is a process of gradually increasing send volumes over a number of days or weeks. Automated emails work great here as this slowly builds up your sender reputation and improves deliverability.

9. Check bounce and blocked rates after each send As you gradually increase your send volumes, keep checking the bounce and blocked rates after each send. Avoid increasing your volume if these are over 5 percent to protect your IP’s reputation. 10. Update sign-ups forms Make sure your sign-up forms are updated or redirected to reflect the change in ESP. Neglecting to do this could mean people are unable to join your mailing list. Conduct an audit to ensure every form is updated.


We’ve covered a wide range of areas that you need to consider when looking to switch your Email Service Provider. As you now know, it’s super important that you do your research and compare a number of different providers before making your final decision. Ensure they meet your requirements across a wide range of different factors including features, price, services, support, brand values, reputation and the other factors we have covered in this guide. Once you’ve made your decision, make sure you follow our 10 things to do when switching to your new Email Service Provider to ensure you’re all ready to hit the ground running. Good luck with your search. If you’re considering switching from your current Email Service Provider, then why don't you trial use beforehand by taking advantage of our free for 30 days offer. Simply click here.

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